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Alex Rütten | 57. TDC-SHOW
Exhibition from 19. November 2011 till 4. December 2011
Alex Rütten
Categories: Typedesign

Typeface: FF Suhmo
Typeface Designer: Alex Rütten, Berlin, Germany
Foundry: FSI FontShop International
Members of Typeface Family/System: Regular, Regular Italic, Light, Light Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, and Black Italic
Designer’s Concept:
Suhmo is inspired by classic Egyptian and typewriter fonts such as Courier and American Typewriter, which feature headline and text use. This impressive duality was a guideline for the concept. At the same time, many formal details were derived from the typical neon – lettering you can find on aged Italian restaurants in Germany. Suhmo has short ascenders and descenders and a generous x- height, making it a good choice for editorial design. It combines simplicity and functionality with playfulness, offering interesting de- tails such as loops and swashes and a slight stroke contrast. Its varied details are unobtrusive in text sizes while developing character and sparkle in headlines. Suhmo’s extensive character set includes numerous special characters and ligatures, several figure sets, and small caps throughout all styles. The Suhmo family consists of four weights: Light, Regular, Bold, and Black, each with an Italic. The weights were staggered to complement each other within a layout, the Black corresponding to the Regular and the Light correspond- ing to the Bold weight, allowing words or phrases to be clearly stressed within a text. The Italics are lighter than the Roman and have a relatively slight angle of slope. The forms are derived from a manual writing process and often cross the base-line or the x-height.

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