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Jeremy Mickel | 57. TDC-SHOW
Exhibition from 19. November 2011 till 4. December 2011
Jeremy Mickel
Categories: Typedesign

Typeface: Eventide
Typeface Designer: Jeremy Mickel, Providence, Rhode Island
Art Directors: Ken Barber and Christian Schwartz
Foundry: Photo-Lettering, Inc. / House Industries
URL: http://wwwphotolettering.com/
Members of Typeface Family/System
Banner, Diagonal, Dots, Fill, Highlight, Horizontal, Vertical, and Stroke
Designer’s Concept:
Originally designed by Paul Carlyle in the early 1940s, Eventide was added to the Photo-Lettering, Inc., film library in 1971 as a single-layer caps-only style. House Industries’ philosophy for the new Photo-Lettering service is to reinterpret the original designs, making them more useful for contemporary designers. We reimagined the alphabet to work in eight layers that can be combined or used independently, and expanded the character set to include a lowercase, punctuation, symbols, and a full complement of Central European accented characters.

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